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Purchasing your Copyrights / High Resolution Digital Files

Copyrights are the High Resolution Digital Files which have been taken from a wedding, event or portrait session. They are downloaded from your private (password protected) folder in JPEG format and you can copy them onto your computer then transfer them onto your own USB. You also have the option of purchasing a personalised USB box or case which can be supplied.

You can then use them to create your own prints, canvasses, send them by email to friends and families, save them to your phone, tablet, use them as screensavers and copy them onto a digital frame or USB to use on a multimedia TV.

They can be bought within a package at the time of booking or purchased after the event or portrait session. .

Depending on your package/total spend the cost of your copyrights are discounted and range from £595 to FREE! A pricing structure is below

Copyrights Pricing Table

Spend between an amount an receive your copyrights at a discounted price.

Over Under Price
- £2,500 £595
£2,500 £2,750 £535
£2,750 £3,000 £475
£3,000 £3,250 £415
£3,250 £3,500 £355
£3,500 £3,750 £295
£3,750 £4,000 £235
£4,000 £4,250 £175
£4,250 £4,500 £115
£4,500 £4,750 £55
£4,750 - FREE!

For more information about your copyrights or any other questions please contact me using the form below, by email or telephone.

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