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The Harriet range is made to order from extruded plastic and has a smooth satin finish.

The size dimensions refer to the glass size, ie the image size designed to go inside.

The moulding measures 25mm wide and 15mm deep.

Frames are ready to hang in portrait or landscape whilst frames up to and including 12x12 inches are to stand also.

Each frame comes with an MDF backing board and is fitted with glass.

Larger are fitted with high-clarity plastic safety glass.


  • As this is a bespoke (made to order) product, after ordering, we will contact you and ask for your digital image to be sent by email or transfer link.

  • Frames with Mounts


    The image apeture (internal mount size) are, as standard, 2" smaller than the internal frame size. If you would like bespoke size mount  please contact us to discuss your requirements.


    6x4" & 7x5" frames are only available without a mount.


    Frame Size Mount Size
    6x4" n/a
    7x5" n/a
    8x6" 6x4"
    8x8" 6x6"
    10x8" 8x6"
    10x10" 8x8"
    12x8" 10x6"
    12x10" 10x8"
    12x12" 10x10"
    16x12" 14x10"
    18x12" 16x10"
    20x16" 18x14"

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