Intellectual Copyright

  1. All images and designs remain the copyright of the Company (Evagoras Mandrides Photography (LTD)) and are protected by the Copyright and Design Act 1988.

  2. All images are not to be reproduced, altered or used for any other means without prior written consent of the Company.

  3. Copyright in all material is retained worldwide by the Company at all times and nothing shall be deemed as a release.

  4. ALL Digital files purchased or downloaded from the galleries remain the property of the Company retaining all copyrights.

  5. Digital files downloaded may be reproduced into print form for personal use (by the client) and marketing purposes (by a client's supplier) and not sold onto any third party for profit.

  6. Digital files downloaded published onto the social media sites must be credited/tagged/mentioned where possible.

  7. Image downloaded cannot be altered, cut or added to or otherwise modified without the prior written consent of the Company.

Questions – Contact Us

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