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Petros & Anna's Beautiful Wedding

Love in Bloom

Petros and Anna's wedding was a beautiful celebration of their love and heritage. The day began with traditional Greek preparations at their respective homes, where I captured the excitement and joy of the bride and groom as they prepared to become husband and wife.

The ceremony took place at the Twelve Apostles Greek Orthodox Church in Brookmans Park, where Petros and Anna exchanged their vows in front of their family and friends. The church was adorned with stunning floral arrangements provided by Ramels, which added a touch of elegance to the already beautiful setting. The traditional ceremony was filled with love and emotion, and it was clear that Petros and Anna were truly meant to be together.

After the ceremony, we headed to Regents Park for a personal portrait shoot, where Petros and Anna were able to take a moment to themselves and reflect on their special day. The lush greenery and picturesque setting provided the perfect backdrop for their romantic photos.

The reception was held at The Brewery in Chiswell St in Central London, beautifully decorated with elegant florals by Ramels, creating a romantic and intimate atmosphere for the celebration where guests were treated to delicious food and lively entertainment from Diastello. The event was expertly planned and executed by Perrys the Wedding Company, who ensured that every detail was taken care of and that the day ran smoothly.

Throughout the day, Anna looked radiant with her hair done by Pip and makeup by Anna Lingis. The videographer Galaxy Video captured all the special moments, ensuring that Petros and Anna will be able to relive their special day for years to come.

Petros and Anna's wedding was a true celebration of their Greek heritage. As a photographer, it was an honour to be a part of their special day. I had the privilege of photographing Anna's sisters wedding in 2018 and Anna's uncle's wedding in 2006. It was a pleasure to document another special moment in the family's history and to witness their growth and milestone.

Congratulations Petros and Anna!


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